Sam Axe Movie Nods to Campbell’s Past Roles – Watch It Here

Last night, I fired up my DVR and watched Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe. If you were expecting an episode of Burn Notice, you were probably a bit let down by it all. If you are a Bruce Campbell fan, you probably loved it. The movie played a lot like many classic Campbell movies – campy, cornball humor, and quite a bit of “Wow, they spent $5 of the special effects for that scene!”

I’m not sure what the budget for this movie was, but as a Campbell fan right from the days of the Evil Dead, I loved it. It had all the themes that so many of his past films had – a rag tag team of misfits outnumbered by some overpowering force. In this case, it was a set of renegade agents instead of undead monsters or aliens, but it felt comfortable like an old pair of jeans. I can wholly understand that people who were looking for Burn Notice might be let down, but frankly, this was designed as a way for the Burn Notice writers, creators, and cast (it was directed by Michael Weston, himself) to pay tribute to the king of low budget mayhem.

Nods To The Past – Ash and Brisco

I really need to watch this whole thing again because I’m sure I missed a LOT of the references to Campbell’s past roles. Evil Dead fans will surely have noticed the chainsaw and smiled. (Check the sceen grab and/or watch for it at the 52:00 minute mark in the embedded full movie at the end of this post).

The other one I’m really proud of myself for catching – but it also validates my thought that I surely missed tons of other references. In one of the early scenes in the movie, Sam is trying to get out of a woman’s house because her husband came home. He leaps to the roof, can’t hold on, and slips off. (It’s at the 0:37 mark – near the end of the trailer here)

Now, if you don’t recognize that, take a look at the video here – and watch at the 0:46 mark.

And, of course, there were plenty of Burn Notice nods including the origin of Chuck Finley. Did you spot any other tie ins to past roles/movies? Let me know!

Watch Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe

Here’s the entire movie! Enjoy!

I’m just watchin’…

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Indigoduchesse says:

Thank you so much—I also thought Bruce Campbell and the movie were great fun!
Thanks for sharing!

Cheers! And thanks for taking the time to post something. :)